Monday, April 11, 2011

Photo by Owen Benson

Every day is a fun day. Even when there are challenges. Even when everybody in the house has a cold. Working though, lots on my mind. Today worked through the first half of Jane. Focused on my posture and the body types of Mr. Bennet, Mrs. Bennet, the Dutchess, Mr. and Mrs. Harcourt and Miss Tilney. The silliness must still be based in reality. Even though I was tired from running around, I still feel joy from doing this work. Couldn't get it out of my mind that Michael Kahn said he might come to see the show at the EAG. But I'm sure he says that to all his ex-students to give them encouragement without really meaning to come. I guess, after all these years, I feel like someone that is as big a deal as he is wouldn't come to a play by little old me. But then there is part of me that loves to hope and loves to imagine it. I feel I can say almost anything I want here, secretly, I think I am the only one that reads my blog! So how can it matter if I express a little self doubt here? It just happens some times. I'm working on "Belles" too. I've found a really nice ending for the play, I think. Like the idea of continuing the Ballroom Dance motif throughout. Photo taken by Owen Benson at the 10th Annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath, UK.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rehearsing Jane today with props. Working on word endings. One gets lazy, you see. So I am back at it and really having fun. I love the idea that anything can happen (within reason)! Worked on differentiating the physicality of all the characters Jane plays. Amazing that ballroom dancing makes me much more conscious of my body in space. If I were running an MFA program I would make yoga and ballroom dancing part of the required curiculum. What is the well-rounded performer? With so much (technique) out there, sometimes the basics get left behind. Moving and speaking, not just so one is in character, but so one is communicating that character with an audience. Communication must never be left behind. I love all aspects of the theatre and some would say, in my old age, have an appreciation that I never had when I was younger. So this bit of acting I get to do in "Cheer from Chawton" and the writing I get to do on "Belles" I really have come to cherish.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Yesterday, April 7th, was my first ever Skype Interview as Aphra Behn. I was so nervous beforehand! I reviewed the script I had prepared with Dr. Cheryl Wanko's help. We were doing revisions up until the night before. But it went really well! I was surprised to find that I was able to connect with the students and the students really appeared to be having fun. They seemed to be happy with the fact that Aphra questioned and challenged some of the things they asked. I need to work on my endings. I could feel that. When I got to the end of my response, there didn't seem to be any finish. But I look forward to continued work on this! Shout out to Dr. Wanko - want to keep working on this with you! Yay!