Sunday, March 27, 2011

Worked with Dr. Cheryl Wanko on Friday, March 25th, another run at how a Skype interview with Aphra Behn would go. I was speaking too slowly, searching for words. Not happy with it. Aphra Behn's mind works like lighting, she speaks at a normal, if not, fast pace. Then it hit me. There are answers to most of the students questions right there in my Love Arm'd text. My secret is, once I get the questions, I will cut and paste and modify answers right out of my text. And it's amazing, I really do remember almost all of that text, though it has been a year since I have performed it! I am excited about this. This I can get my teeth into!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Belles" has been postponed to September 9th, 6pm due to family illness. On a lighter note I am preparing Aphra Behn for a Skype interview with Dr. Cheryl Wanko's West Chester University students. A shout out to West Chester U Theatre Department with congrats on their recent production at the KCACTF! With regard to the interview, it will be custom made, I am weaving Aphra's words in with spontaneous responses to students questions, how will it go? Thinking stages right now but giving me new ideas about revising the show too!