Friday, January 25, 2008

Omaha, Nebraska, at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region V Conference. A massive conference, bigger than I ever knew in undergrad or grad school. Some 1500 students. A joy to find two of my favorite playwrights here, the thoughtful and awesome Kate Snodgrass and the endlessly imaginative Elaine Romero! Was honored that they both came to my performance of Love Arm'd, Aphra Behn & Her Pen. David Crespy keeps calling us all the "daughters of Aphra"! Lots of fun with this. Came down with the most terrible cold, wasn't sure I'd make it thru. Space huge, used lots of voice. Had to preserve energy at the tech. Surrounded with young women at end, very happy with how it went in spite of my illness. Tried to use the fact I was sick. After all, AB is sick in this play. Worked thru as well as I could, determined not to let people down.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ocala, Florida. Just back from the show. Very happy with the performance. Large audience that laughed very hard. I was mugging terribly - it was fun! Taught two workshops today, had half the basketball team in the Voice and Verse. Tall! To be tall like those students are would be quite something! I think they enjoyed saying some of Shakespeare's verse and discussing Aphra Behn's poem about Cupid. Forgot my pictures at home for the Regency Workshop, had to have the CFCC Library and Dave Hartley supply them. Had some wonderful Gainborough for couples and the singles to work with. Want to try to find these pictures to work with more. Students seem fascinated with the idea of animating a painting and I get a lot of out watching them bring the characters to life.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Greetings from Ocala, FL! The weather is not as warm as I would like it but it is very beautiful!Spanish moss, palm trees and Jane Austen. I cannot think of a better combination. I had a high school matinee at CFCC this morning that I was a bit nervous over. As it turned out I had no reason to be because the students really got many more of the jokes and funny lines than I ever expected! Even my young man, though quite reluctant to dance with me, obliged me when I quietly said, "won't you come with me"! And naughty Lady Susan got whistled at and she wasn't at all mad about it - she rather secretly rejoiced in it and smiled voraciously at the young man. To still be whistled at at my age! My goodness, we had such fun! I'm always a wreck beforehand and always overjoyed after getting out there. There are palm trees and lots of visiting with locquacious head of department Dave Hartley - everyone here is so hospitable - true southern hospitality.